Engineering Services

Zeman Tool Manufacturing’s design engineers are in the forefront of technological advances. Web-based meetings provide an efficient line of communication between Zeman and our customers. We constantly upgrade our platforms and software to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Our design and modeling engineers are exclusively utilized for that singular purpose. The tool and mold makers have complete responsibility of tool path programming. This allows for 100% of our engineers’ focus to be on tool design.

Engineering Software that Zeman Tool Utilizes Includes:

  • Unigraphics NX10
  • Solidworks 2015
  • Pro Engineer Creole

We are able to import any customer file type or format into our systems.

Our Machining & Tooling Engineering Capabilities

Tool Engineering and Design

Engineering & Design

Zeman’s design engineers are at the forefront of technological advances.

design and modeling engineering software

Multi-Display Workstations

Team Zeman works together under one roof to create engineering solutions and provide effective results.

large plastic injection mold 3d design

Large Plastic Injection Mold

CAD assembly of large plastic injection mold

permanent mold 3d design

Permanent Mold

CAD assembly of permanent mold with hydraulic slide

3d workholding design


CAD assembly of machining fixture

3d workholding design


CAD assembly of machining fixture.

molding machine 3d design

Molding Machine

CAD assembly of custom molding machine with four hydraulic slides.

corebox and pickoff 3d design

Corebox & Pickoff

CAD assembly of corebox & pickoff mechanism.