Pattern & Corebox Tooling

Zeman specializes in pattern & corebox tooling. Our precision sand cast patterns are produced from a variety of materials for high volume production (tool steels, cast iron, and aluminum) or for the supply of short-run manual prototype applications (composites).  Zeman produces single or multiple cavity corebox configurations of varied sizes depending on your unique specifications and are completely rigged for a variety of core-blowing machines.

Extreme Precision Investment casting tooling, or Lost Wax molds, are 3D machined into aluminum or steel. Complex and intricate wax patterns are produced for use in this molding process.

A customer’s worry free experience is achieved through Zeman’s engineering experience and high standards. Your products are being made by Zeman Tool and Manufacturing, a company that knows foundry tooling inside and out.

Our Patterns & Coreboxes

2 on disa plate tooling

2-On DISA Plate

Steel DISA sand molding pattern that creates two cavity mold.

multi-cavity CB 26 corebox tooling example

Multi-Cavity CB 26 Core Box

Multi cavity corebox for Cold Box (CB) 26 core machine.

polyurethane pattern tooling

Polyurethane Pattern

Complex and intricate Polyurethane pattern mounted on boards.

Polyurethane Corebox

Custom CB tooling for Polyurethane multi cavity corebox.

Large Core Box with Slides

Large Core Box with Slides

Large corebox tooling with slides. Zeman produces single or multiple cavity corebox configurations.

lost wax pattern mold

Lost Wax Pattern Mold

Extreme Precision Investment casting tooling for lost wax pattern mold with three slides.