About Zeman Tool & Manufacturing

In 1966, Mr. Robert Zeman founded Zeman Tool & Manufacturing in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It began as a small machine shop; and over time, grew into a high precision tooling company, complete with state of the art equipment.

The Zeman family developed a company that continues to grow year after year because of strong educational practices, patience, trust, and the willingness to innovate. Zeman’s strong presence in Southeastern Wisconsin made a significant impression on surrounding areas. Zeman expanded throughout the Midwest, across the U.S.A., and now has a global presence.

Zeman Tool will remember Mr. Robert Zeman and the late president Mr. Jim Lomas, each demonstrated strong work ethics, especially their trust-worthy decisions. Moreover, they modeled strong family values. The family-oriented mentality and professional atmosphere lives on as the company continues to grow with the future of tooling. Team Zeman continues to honor these values with pride and integrity, continuing their legacy.