Semi-Permanent &
Permanent Mold Casting

Zeman Tool specializes in semi-permanent & permanent mold casting for prototype and production. Molds are 3D-machined from CAD data. They are created using various materials such as alloyed steels, tool steels, or premium castings. The molds are heat treated, and the high-tolerance contours are high-speed milled and/or EDM finished, resulting in limited or no benching/polishing.

Extensive Experience Designing & Manufacturing:

  • Gravity Castings
  • Low-Pressure Molds
  • Tilt Pour Molds
  • Static Pour Molds
low pressure mold with slides

Low-Pressure Mold With Slides

Low-pressure permanent mold (LPPM) casting with sliding mold halves.

multiple cavity low pressure mold casting

Multiple-Cavity Low-Pressure Mold

Four cavity low pressure permanent mold (LPPM) casting.

multi-cavity CB 26 corebox tooling example

Pressure Riserless Casting (PRC) Knuckle Mold Lower

Six cavity lower Pressure Riserless casting (PRC) mold that cast automotive knuckles.

Vacuum Riserless Casting (VRC) Control Arm Lower Mold

Six cavity left and right hand control arm water cooled low pressure mold

single cavity static pour permanent mold casting

Single-Cavity Static Pour Permanent Mold

Custom static pour permanent mold with a single cavity.

Tilt Pour Permanent Mold

Tilt pour permanent mold casting of an oil pan