High-Quality Die Casting Tooling

Zeman is dedicated to providing high quality die casting tooling specific to any requirement. Zeman’s die cast tooling provides accurately dimensioned and precision metal parts. We work with multiple industries that utilize different types of materials, such as zinc, aluminum, and brass.

Zeman supports design, prototype machining, and/or production projects. Our process allows for the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability of tools.

Our Die Casting Tooling Goals:

  • Timeliness
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • High Standards in Engineering

Zeman’s staff offers two important aspects: longevity and experience. All our staff members have a complete knowledge of the tool & die business.

segmented blade inserts 1600 ton machine

Segmented Blade Inserts 1600 Ton Machine

Large custom die cast mold half with segmented blade inserts.

slide actions 950 ton machine

Slide Actions 950 Ton Machine

Large custom die cast mold with slide actions to accommodate undercuts.

Multi-Cavity Die Cast Mold

Custom Multi-cavity die cast tooling mold halves. Two die halves form several identical part cavities.

Die Cast Tooling manufacturing

Die Cast Parts

Various custom die cast tooling castings utilizing different types of materials - zinc, aluminum, and brass.