Custom Manufacturing Services

Modern 21st Century manufacturing includes various processes, such as product development, part repair, prototyping, and production. Zeman Tool has redefined custom manufacturing.  It is the ability to create a quality product for any specified need. Our skills and expertise in managing projects assures positive customer relationships. Our close-knit manufacturing team works together guaranteeing the finest quality equipment. Zeman Tool is prepared to take on any project to serve the needs of your organization. Custom manufacturing with Zeman Tool extends much further than a product’s creation—it is a lasting partnership.

Our Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

versatile 5 axis machine

5 Axis Machining

Our versatile multiaxis machining capability can produce unique and complex parts along 5 axes in a single machine set-up. This increases accuracy and efficiency during the creation process.

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boring mill zeman uses

Boring Mills

Zeman has an array of boring mills capable of machining parts up to 7 tons.

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Vertical Milling

Zeman’s processes of milling and machining have full 2D and 3D application capabilities for crafting billet parts, prototypes, casting, and weldments. for crafting billet parts, prototypes, and weldments.

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Our turning capabilities are technology driven and allow for secondary machining operations for live tooling. Using an automated lathe in our turning procedure, we are able to quickly construct a more cost-effective product.

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High Speed machining

Zeman has several high-speed capability machines. With 3D functionality, linear liquid cooled drives, 42,000 rpm spindles, balanced shrink fit holders, laser pre-setters, and online cameras provide remote monitors for around-the-clock machining. With these high rpm’s and cutters down to .005” diameter, Zeman can cut the finest details.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Wire EDM

Multiple Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) are capable of wire cutting precise and accurate compound angles on a variety of platform materials.

Boring Mill Manufacturing

Grinding Machines

Zeman utilizes premium grinding equipment to achieve: high tolerance, surface finishing, and flatness requirements. Our capabilities include jig, surface, and cylindrical grinding that achieve a level of precision other tooling companies cannot match.

custom manufacturing services

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Utilizing cylindrical grinding machines, we are able to grind workpieces in individual, small batch and high volume production.