Prototype Machining

Zeman understands the importance of timeliness in prototyping. We realize that your company has strict time constraints and demands project parameters. Zeman makes that possible. Machinery utilizing 2D and 3D technology reaches speeds of up to 42,000 RPMs. Zeman has a vast array of highly sophisticated CNC equipment, aiding in the rapid manufacturing of prototypes.

Your business’ financial and planning commitments are understood.  Zeman has the resources to respect your budget, and a worry-free experience is achieved through our quality prototype experience and high quality standards. Your products are being made by Zeman Tool and Manufacturing, a company that knows prototype machining inside and out.

Our Prototype-Machined Parts

billet wheel prototype

Billet Wheel Prototype

Motorcycle rim prototype machined from solid billet aluminum.

exhaust tip prototype

Exhaust Tip Prototype

Motorcycle exhaust tip manufactured to highest quality prototype.

Prototype Bracket

Small prototype machined bracket. Zeman brings your product to life with high quality prototype manufacturing.

billet swing arm prototype

Billet Swing Arm Prototype

Prototype manufacturing for swing arm cut from billet aluminum.

Front Lower Control Arm

Lower control arm precision machined from hardened billet steel

Gear Housing

Gear housing machined from aluminum billet