Manufacturing Services

Zeman tool offers many support services. These services can be provided as part of a larger project or as a mutually exclusive item. You can be confident that our experts are able to support you in the following areas:

  1. Assembly: Zeman assembles and fits products to your exact specifications and standards.
  2. Testing: We evaluate every aspect of your project to make sure it is working functionally to the design’s intent.
  3. Inspection: Zeman’s Quality Control Department uses various equipment to ensure dimension accuracy.
  4. Repair: Decades of experience assure Zeman’s ability to evaluate a product’s potential problems and implement an exact solution.

Machining Fixtures

Machining fixtures being assembled to exact specifications and standards.

CMM Machine

Plastic Pattern being inspected on CMM machine to ensure high quality standards.

welder at work

Fabrication / Repair

Custom metal fabrication or repair work delivering optimal solutions.


Team Zeman

Zeman's fleet of trucks for pickup and delivery.