Our Work

Zeman is immensely proud of their work, and it is no accident that we have been in business since 1966. Nothing leaves our shop without a thorough evaluation, a stringent testing process, and careful quality management. Our products and employees reflect a genuine dedication to quality and excellence. If you have worked with us, you already know the high standards to which we hold ourselves.  If you are new to us, Zeman welcomes you to explore previous projects, watch videos, and read customer testimonials. We are confident you will be compelled to contact us.

six cavity low pressure steering knuckle mold

Six Cavity Low-Pressure Steering Knuckle Mold

tool and die machining

Large Die Casting Mold

zeman tool shop

Workholding Assembly

Large Falk fixture

Gearbox Fixture


“Two of our Chief Engineers said the assembly tooling is the best they have used at Bell and are working fantastic. You deserve a very big thank you for this. So thank you!”

- Senior Buyer, Aeronautics Engineering Co.
15 DEC 2014

“I’ve been in this business for decades and have seen lots of tooling – I’ll have to say, Zeman Tool’s quality is the best we’ve seen.”

- Tool Room Manager, Major Die-Caster for Fortune 500 Equipment Manufacturers
MARCH 2014

“Zeman Tool really did a great job both in timing and quality.  Our customer couldn’t be happier”.

- Tooling Engineer & Major Manufacturer of Medical Devices
15 JAN 2015

Thought I’d pass along a comment from the tool room regarding this repair – “Nice work!”

- Tooling Engineer & Supplier to Automotive Industry
28 FEB 2015