Foundry Tooling
Design & Manufacturing

Zeman Tool engineers custom foundry tooling solutions or build customer designed tools. We build tooling for many types of casting processes.  Zeman Tool accommodates single or multiple mold production.

Zeman produces foundry tooling out of various materials (steel, aluminum, urethane board, wood).  Zeman’s range in tooling experience includes products from engine blocks and outboard motors to motorcycle clutch levers and large gears.

Our Foundry Tooling Includes:

  • Permanent & Semi-Permanent Molds
  • Patterns & Coreboxes
  • Investment Casting

Zeman’s in-house design staff allows long-term, cost-effective solutions for all tooling needs. Parts or designs are evaluated to determine a budget conscious strategy.

Semi-Permanent & Permanent Mold Castings

Specializing in permanent & semi-permanent molds for prototype and production.

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composite precision sand cast patterns

Pattern & Corebox

Specializing in prototype and production: multiple composite precision sand cast patterns produced.

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